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Coronavirus Crash

December 2019 was a decade-long high-point for stock markets.
Table below shows the extent to which our savings have lost their value since then.
Hopefully over the next two or three years it will show when our savings recover their value.

Lowest All-share total return index was 5147 on 23rd March 2020 which is 65% of the end 2019 value.

2019FTSE All-Share  FTSE-100  FTSE-250
  Total% of  Total% of  Total% of
  ReturnDec  ReturnDec  ReturnDec
  Index2019  Index2019  Index2019
December7838100.0  6981100.0  17038100.0
2020FTSE All-Share  FTSE-100  FTSE-250
  Total% of  Total% of  Total% of
  ReturnDec  ReturnDec  ReturnDec
  Index2019  Index2019  Index2019
January758496.8  674796.6  1648596.7
February690988.1  614088.0  1508288.5
March586874.9  531776.2  1180569.3
April615778.6  552479.1  1289275.7
May636781.2  570881.8  1336578.4
June646582.5  580383.1  1344578.9
July623479.5  556079.6  1331278.1
August638581.5  565781.0  1403582.4
September627680.1  557079.8  1368480.3

Chart below shows value of £10,000 invested at end 2019.

During 2008 financial crisis:
Peak before crash: 4123 October 2007
Fell to: 2429 February 2009
Recovered to: 4154 March 2011   (two years to recover)
Above are month-end FTSE All-Share total return index values