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Asset Price Calculator

    • Index:
    • FTSE All-Share TR - from Jan 2003
    • FTSE 250 TR - from Jan 2004
    • CPI - Headline Inflation - Jan 1989
    • RPI - Retail Price Index - Jan 1974
    • Savings Account Index - Q1 Jan 1974
    • House Price Index - Region:
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Amount 1,000.00 at December 2019 becomes 1,075.61 at April 2022

If start-date is earlier than end-date the Amount is increased by change in index.
If start-date is later than end-date the Amount is reduced by change in index.

Savings Account Index includes effect of savings interest reinvested.

House Price Index is the all-properties regional quarterly series downloaded from the Nationwide website.
Land Registry and Nationwide data are compared on House price data page.

FTSE index data from: uk.investing.com.