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Savings Calculator

Compares returns from cash-ISAs and stock-and-shares-ISAs with inflation

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YearAmount AmountCPI Amountint% AmountFTSE
   (CPI)  (int%)  (FTSE) 
20095,000 5,000.00  5,000.00  5,000.00 
20100 5,185.003.7 5,140.002.80 5,688.0013.76
20110 5,402.774.2 5,281.352.75 5,448.54-4.21
20120 5,548.642.7 5,429.232.80 6,077.8411.55
20130 5,659.622.0 5,525.331.77 7,297.0620.06
20140 5,687.920.5 5,607.101.48 7,328.430.43
20150 5,699.290.2 5,685.601.40 7,385.600.78
20160 5,790.481.6 5,755.531.23 8,559.9015.90
20170 5,964.193.0 5,813.091.00 9,638.4512.60
20180 6,089.442.1 5,881.681.18 8,711.23-9.62
20190 6,168.611.3 5,963.441.39 10,355.0418.87

I saved 5000.00 during 2009.
What is the value of those savings at the end of 2019?
Amount=5000, Year=2009.
Answer: At end 2019 allowing for inflation 6,168
If invested in a savings account: maybe 5,963
If invested in Stock Market: maybe 10,355

Start Year: The calculator increases the amount from the end of Start Year onwards. If I had invested 5,000.00 in January 2009, I should use Start year=2008.

FTSE fund charges:
Percentage change column is FTSE All-share total return minus charges-adjustment.
Charges-adjustment covers tracking discrepancies, annual management charges for the fund, and platform charges. It is the difference between the FTSE All-share total return and the return from the UK-index-tracker-fund-ISA's listed in the table below.
For years 1986-2014 this charges-adjustment is 0.75%, for 2015 it is 0.20%, for 2016 it is 0.85%, for 2017 it is 0.50%, for 2018 it is 0.15%, for 2019 it is 0.30%.
For Legal & General the charge shown in the table applies when sold direct to a retail investor, charge is 0.10% if sold via a platform.
In 2018, majority of monitored funds out-performed the FTSE All Share benchmark even after absorbing annual charges, but an estimate of platform charges was applied.
In 2019, the Legal & General fund monitored here (R Class) provided a far lower annual return (17.78%) than other share classes (e.g. C class - 19.10% ) of the same underlying fund. Tricky.

Fund Name  Annual
Legal & General UK Index Trust R Acc 0.48%
Vanguard FTSE UK All Share Index Unit Trust Acc 0.06%
iShares UK Equity Index Fund Class D Acc 0.05%
Fidelity Index UK Fund A Acc 0.30%
HSBC FTSE All Share Index Fund Retail Accumulation 0.17%

Once a year, at end December, each fund price is compared to the previous year fund price to get percentage increase/decrease. This is compared to the annual change in FTSE All-share total return to get an estimate of the charges adjustment for the fund. An appropriate platform charge is then added. These charges adjustments are then averaged.

ISAs: savings-account and FTSE end-of-year amounts are not reduced by tax.

Tax-free ISA's(Individual Savings Accounts) were introduced in 1999. ISA's were preceded by other tax-free savings - TESSA's (started 1991) and PEP's (started 1986).

Regular savings compounded annually

Table shows returns from regular savings invested in an FTSE-All-Share index fund.

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