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Download the Data

Spreadsheet equivalent of Savings Calculator page is SavingsCalculatorToDec2016.xls

The spreadsheet is more flexible than the web-page: you can put in different annual amounts.

For mobile and tablets:

All the data used by this website is in the public domain.
Consumer Price Index and Retail Price Index are copied from the Office for National Statistics website, FTSE indexes are copied from FTSE Russell website, uk.investing.com, London Stock Exchange and Google Finance pages and interest rates from bank/building society websites.

Downloaded data gets out-of-date. Download files will be renewed mid-January each year after the Office for National Statistics has published inflation figures for the preceding December.

Three comma-separated-variable(csv) files:

  1. IndexesToDec2016.csv
    looks like this
    It is type,year,month,index-value. Index-value is end-of-the month index-value.
    • F100 is FTSE-100 index
    • F250 is FTSE-250 index
    • FALL is FTSE-All-Share index
    • T100 is FTSE-100 TR index
    • T250 is FTSE-250 TR index
    • TALL is FTSE-All-Share TR index
    • SAVI is savings account index

    In addition the Nationwide regional house price index is included.
    • HPEA - East Anglia
    • HPEM - East Midlands
    • HPLN - Greater London
    • HPME - Outer Metropolitan
    • HPNI - Northern Ireland
    • HPNO - North
    • HPNW - North West
    • HPSC - Scotland
    • HPSE - Outer South East
    • HPSW - South West
    • HPUK - United Kingdom
    • HPWA - Wales
    • HPWM - West Midlands
    • HPYH - Yorkshire and Humberside

  2. IndexesPercentToDec2016.csv
    looks like this
    It is type,year,month,index-value,percentage. Index-value is end-of-the month index-value and percentage is 12-month percentage increase as published by the Office for National Statistics.
    • HICP is consumer price index
    • RPIH is old long-established retail price index
    • RPIJ is new retail price index

  3. AnnualPercentageToDec2016.csv
    looks like this
    It is type,year,annual-percentage.
    Type is:
    • FALL is FTSE-all-share index total return
    • INTR is savings rate
    • RPIJ is retail price index

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